Lisa Susnow is a great real estate agent. We initially picked her because she knew our neighborhood so well and we were comfortable with her presentation on comparables and the current market conditions.

What we didn't know was that Lisa also had such a fine team working with her on the house preparation and staging. We worked with her painters, Nancy Iavecchia her designer, and Carlos who did a fine job on the hardwood floors. The schedule was demanding and everyone worked together so well it was impressive. 
We would highly recommend Lisa as a extremely capable agent, a great negotiator and a very pleasant person to work with. 
Mike and Tracy McGuinness- San Carlos 2013 

We would have never been able to find a house in the white-hot San Carlos real estate market if it hadn't been for Lisa going above and beyond the call of duty. We unofficially began house hunting in April 2012 and met Lisa at an open house. We liked her immediately for three reasons.

One, she specialized in San Carlos. While most agents we met claimed to be experts on every community on the peninsula, Lisa was a San Carlos expert. Two, she lived in San Carlos, hence her personal expertise. Three, she wasn't pushy. It seemed like the listing agents at every other open house we went to were as eager to get our business as they were to show the house that they were supposed to be selling.

Last September we called her once we were ready to start bidding. By then the Silicon Valley housing market was exploding, especially in San Carlos, with prices increasing by almost 20% from when we had started looking. Lisa spent countless hours with us looking at homes in and around San Carlos and patiently dealt with the many, many questions that we had.

We were losing bid after bid (I believe 7-8 of them) due to the extreme competition in the area. On more than one occasion we had put forward the highest bids, but lost out to all-cash offers. Thus Lisa was giving us sound advice on how to make a competitive offer, but the nature of this ultra-competitive market meant that we unfortunately kept coming up short.

Now here's what separated Lisa from your average real estate agent. Early on in our search Lisa had offered to go door-to-door in her neighborhood looking for people who might be interested in selling their homes. We thought that she was nuts, but had no problem with her doing so. Well after about 3 months of failed bids she found someone who was looking to sell their home off-market. We jumped at the chance to see it, especially since it meant that we wouldn't be competing with ten other offers, which was normal with MLS-listed homes.

It worked. We managed to get a bigger place than anything we had previously bid on or thought that we could afford, and because it was off-market we probably got it for at least 10% lower than market value. In San Carlos that 10% is six figures, so this was a serious savings. Given what's out there in the market right now, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the value of our house has increased by 20% in less than 6 months.

We love our home, we love our neighborhood, we love San Carlos, we're thrilled with our investment, and we owe it all to Lisa.

Matt & Suzie Radack-San Carlos 2013


I do want to thank you also for the myriad efforts you made to make the showings as minimally disruptive as possible.  And I shall never forget the gift of a La Tosca about gracious!

Thought of you recently when reading a list on the web of the "Ten Most Stressful Jobs".  The top portion listed neurosurgeon, airline pilot, etc....but #10 was real estate agent.  No great surprise considering the orchestration of arrangements, skills, and instincts an agent must create and employ in order to reach a possible sale...all the more convoluted when marketing a rental property.  

So congrats on all you do that make involved parties very glad you're the agent.

Our best to you always,

Ren & Heather di Marco-San Carlos 2013 


Lisa helped sell our home in Redwood City. She helped with staging-even using her own items and guided us with how to de-clutter, stage the front and back yards and advised on minor improvements to prepare our house for the market. Our home was only on the market for a week. It basically sold the first weekend of the open house.  There were 27 bids on our home. She must sleep with her phone!! Lisa made the whole, crazy process run very smoothly - not even a bit of stress for us. She mad us feel very comfortable - I trust her as much as a family member.

Jennifer & Ron Russo 


Wow. Just. Wow. Wow for really listening to what we wanted, and helping us discover neighborhoods that had what we were looking for but had never explored. Wow for giving us solid advice on what was tricky, what was impossible, and what could be creatively MADE possible. Wow for working around our busy, often conflicting schedules, and taking us to the same properties separately, then together, then separately again, just because one of us wanted to "just check it out one more time..." Wow for having a network of professionals to recommend, and for having our trust in your opinions validated again and again. Wow and THANK YOU LISA for helping us find a dream home. Did we mention WOW?

Joshua & Peggy Ramey-Renk 2012 

I chose Lisa Susnow to help me in the sale of a property on Spring Street in Redwood City. Before we began, I expressed to Lisa that I had two requirements for the sale of the home, and those were a quick sale and for the highest price possible. I am very glad that I chose Lisa, because through her expertise and knowledge we were able to sell my home in two weeks for over the asking price. She guided me to the right professionals to update my home and stage it just right. Lisa was responsive every step of the way and kept us updated throughout the process. I am thankful for her help in achieving the sale of my home in such an expeditious manner in such an unpredictable market. Lisa also helped me to purchase my current home after the sale of the one on Spring Street. Again, it was no small feat as the home that we fell in love with was a short sale. Throughout the process, Lisa kept me grounded and did her best to move the purchase along as best she could. We finally moved into our dream home on December 15, 2011. I can’t say enough about how helpful Lisa was in my real estate dealing. She is honest, professional and very experienced. I would recommend Lisa wholeheartedly for any real estate needs.

Yolanta Bustos - 2011

Lisa was wonderful to work with! She did a great job marketing our house (including with a tech-savvy smartphone app!) and went the extra mile. We benefited greatly from her guidance, depth of experience and knowledge of the ever-changing peninsula market. She was incredibly responsive, available and professional at all times throughout the process of selling our home. She made it happen!

Ihab & Dina Andrawess -San Carlos  2011 

Lisa Susnow is an experienced real estate professional whom we have worked with for many years on several properties in the Bay Area. She is able to control and manage the entire transaction from inception to completion in an efficient and effective manner representing her clients properly, ethically and she works relentlessly on all aspects of all transactions. Her network of contractors and financial suppliers has given us a choice of the best resources available. She is pleasant, respectful in all her activities and is able to handle difficult and complex situations. We trust Lisa to handle all our real estate transactions and are fortunate to have working for us when we need her. I would strongly encourage anyone in need of real estate services to contact Lisa. You will not be disappointed.  

Paul & Dawn Delzio-2005-2010

I first met Lisa in 2005 when my husband and I were first time home buyers. Lisa was very patient with us, walking us through every step of the process. She had great suggestions as to where we should look and helped us find a great first house- better than what we thought we were going to get! Then five years later, we went back to Lisa when our family had grown. Again, she patiently took us through the process, this time buying AND selling. Lisa knows San Carlos and the nearby towns very well and was able to recommend neighborhoods my husband and I had not considered. She is incredibly helpful and has excellent professional resources. We are very happy with our home, thanks to Lisa!

Jamie Boissevain & Tate Blahnik -San Carlos 2005 & 2010

While listing and ultimately selling our home on Crestview Drive during the worst real estate market downturn of the past 50 years; I was lucky enough to meet Lisa Susnow. Lisa showed extreme attention to detail, patience and insight into what the market was doing in our high end price range. With her help and guidance, our home sold for almost the asking price, in only six weeks; while other similar homes are still sitting unsold in my same area; many months later. I would definitely recommend Lisa to anybody who is in the need for a real estate professional, either as a buyer or a seller. Her thorough follow up and constant market updates made a sale at a bad time, much more palatable.
Tom Bedell
San Carlos-2009
I want to sincerely thank you for your wonderful service. You are dedicated to what you do and it shows. I will highly recommend you to any friends or family that may be looking for property.
Rene Rahall
I am writing to wholly endorse the services of Lisa Susnow of Coldwell Banker as a local Realtor.
When we first met Lisa, we had already begun discussions with several Real Estate professionals to assist us with buying a new home and selling our existing one on A Street in Redwood City. Both Nanci (my wife) & I were immediately struck by Lisa’s personality, attention to detail, responsiveness and most importantly, intuition on our requirements and desires. 
After several discussions, we decided to use Lisa to sell our home and find a new one. She set a high standard for everyone in her industry with her patience and flexibility around our busy schedules. 
Both Nanci & I have recommended Lisa to our friends who are thinking about buying/selling a home and will continue to do so. I strongly recommend Lisa Susnow for your real estate transaction.
Jules Walker
We did ask for Lisa’s services in selling our house, after first experiencing a rather unsatisfactory performance by another agent. We were extremely relieved to find a reliable and trustworthy agent in Lisa. She has always been exceptionally honest with us concerning the alternatives we had as sellers. She accomplished everything she had promised, and was careful to keep her word to us. She handled a high volume of lookers and prospective buyers on the two successive full weekends she hosted the open house events. All of the comments we heard from people in the neighborhood were positive about the two weekends in March. There were 11 offers on the early date we set for receiving offers. We chose the best one, waited for the period of escrow to close, and received payment in our bank account. There were virtually no problems along the way, so I would certainly like to advocate for
Lisa as a fruitful partner in a harmonious, productive, and exceptionally user friendly real estate sales relationship. We wish Lisa the best in her career, as we know she deserves it.
Jessie & Ken Morek
Once we decided to sell, we had to let the control go and trust and invite in Lisa Susnow’s team of advisors and professionals to do what they do best, the end result was remarkable. I urge you to entrust the opinions and recommendations of Lisa Susnow and her associates. The process was a disciplined focused effort complete with deadlines, worth every penny of hiring and contracting with proper help, all through the coordination and leadership of Lisa Susnow.
Mark & Norma Galatolo
San Carlos 2005
Lisa handled all phases of the sale in an outstanding manner. She detailed the sale every step of the way. Whenever there was any issue that needed attention, Lisa made time to take care of the issue by doing whatever she had to do to make the transaction run smooth and efficient. After placing my condo on the market for sale, Lisa had a sale with a week. 

I would definitely recommend Lisa as a conscientious, efficient real estate agent to all my friends and relatives since she provided me with a stress free sale of my condo.
Walter & Rosalie Godtfredsen
Lisa was considerate of my wants and needs, and gave me insightful recommendations and provided me with many homes to choose from and all the information that went with each home.  Most of all she was extremely patient with me when I was asking questions and explained everthing to me perfectly.
If I have any relatives or friends that are interested in purchasing, renting, or selling thier homes, I will certainly pass her name on to them.  I have dealt with real estate people in the past and none of them compare to Lisa.  She is by far the most helpful considerate real estate person I have dealt with.
I have my dream home thanks to her.
Kathy Graham